Public Relations is the creative mix of communication and relationships. The Marshall Plan does both very well. We’ve been building our rolodex, our experience & our reputation over the past 20 years and the proof is “in the pudding,” as they say. Our national & regional media lists reads like a who’s who of the lifestyle & travel press but knowing media is not the only thing. We also excel at working tourism boards […], tourism boards and airlines to create story-angle filled itineraries that showcase the hotel & the destination, making the trip very attractive to the media and resulting in a wide variety of print, online and electronic coverage for our clients.

Each year we take journalists to around the country and around the world, highlighting the best of our clients’ products & destinations. We have a proven track record of creating dynamic, action-packed client press trips with diverse story angles ranging from historical relevance to lifestyle trends. We will work with the on-the-ground team to build creative, story driven-itineraries. We suggest at least one Press Trips a year for client resorts in order to keep a flow of stories in the pipeline.


MAY 2015
4 U.S. Media Attendees | 12,836,569 Impressions

easter island poster


travel weekly logo
easter island travel weely article
37,733 circulation
variety magazine logo
30,560 Circulation, AD Value: $31,521 logo
12,768,276 unique monthly visitors


MAY 2015
5 U.S. Media Attendees | 109,818,899 Impressions

grand wailea poster


yahoo logo

“Hotel Insider: Grand Wailea — Go Big or Go Home in Maui”

“Forget the Beach: Eat Your Way Across Maui”

73 million unique monthly visitors
usa today logo

“20 DIY foodie experiences to try”

“10Best Readers' Choice: Best Hotel Pool”

18,487,953 unique monthly visitors
about food logo

“Handcrafted Hawaiian Cocktail from Mixologist Manny Hinojosa”

“10Best Readers' Choice: Best Hotel Pool”

18,487,953 unique monthly visitors

Social media coverage by press trip attendee and travel writer Kristina Vanni resulted in additional exposure to her 3,814 Facebook followers and 39,000 Twitter followers.

diablo magazine logo
42,500 circulation
san diego union tribune logo
249,446 circulation


JUNE 2014
8 U.S. Media Attendees | 150,000,000+ Impressions

poster of turkey's only destination spa

RESULTING COVERAGE logo 90 million unique visitors per month
elle logo
AD Value: $163,465
huffpost healthy living logo
36 million Unique Monthly Visitors
dujour logo
265,000 Circulation – targeting high net worth individuals
better recipes logo


3-5 million unique monthly visitors


6 International Media Attendees | 125 Million Impressions

hilton tahiti poster


80.7 million monthly unique visitors
t and e logo
2 million unique monthly visitors

2012 Press Trip attendee Marla Cimini continued to include Tahiti in her stories even a year after the press trip. Below is a screenshot of the interactive "Island" story for Travel + Escape magazine.

what's your island identity article
redbook logo
800,000 unique monthly visitors

REDBOOK Food Editor, Barbara Chernetz, wrote her piece on the Press Trip meals, highlighting the Poisson Cru...

Approximately 150,000 Circulation
global living logo
20,000 average unique monthly visitors
courier post logo
Daily 80,426 / Sunday: 89,922 Circulation
691,399 unique monthly visitors
40 million unique monthly visitors
houston chronicle logo
911,564 Weekend / 369,710 Weekday Circulation
the city travelor logo
nearly 1,000 unique monthly visitors


6 International Media Attendees | 125 Million Impressions

figi poster


winnipeg free press logo
star telegram logo
scuba diving magazine logo
los angeles times logo logo
star telegram logo
Sunday Travel Section
figi article page 1 figi article page 2
230,809 Circulation
box magazine logo
box magazine cover
225,000 readership, Ad Value: $8,450
29,000+ unique visitors per month


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