Social Media: "Social Media is the new Word of Mouth"

Social media has significantly changed the location and landscape of B2C conversations. Previously, consumers’ experiences (good or bad) were shared directly with a family member or friend, or conveyed when someone asked for an opinion or suggestion. Today, consumers continue to share their experiences, but the medium has shifted and the audience is infinite.We are experts at content marketing and social media strategy. We begin by establishing and fine tuning our client’s social media presence across all relevant platforms and follow up by creating a personalized content calendar, ensuring all content is shared on appropriate digital platforms. In addition to standard social media and PR strategy, we also employ non-traditional methods to create buzz and stand out in the over-saturated social media landscape.

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TMP’s Kim Marshall was interviewed as a SOCIAL TRAVEL expert on the Travis Smiley Network for Beverly Macy’s Show “Social Media Today.” Please click through to listen:

We’ve blogged for clients, interacted with other viewers on YouTube and posted reviews, pitched client stories to online magazines and influential blogs, forged relationships with social media ‘celebrities’, hosted Web editors on behalf of our clients and created carefully crafted, ad-driven games on Facebook.

Examples of our work include:

    • boutique hotel in West L.A. that is close to the city’s only AMERICAN GIRL doll store offers a neat American Girl Package – that includes a bed and turn down amenity for the doll too and tea at the store w/ mom, daughter and doll. They hosted a Facebook Game where players could answer 10 questions about the hotel, the neighborhood it is in and the premier of the latest American Girl movie and have a chance to win an American Girl Package at the hotel. With a $50 a day ad campaign on Facebook and two partners posting twice a week, the hotel’s followers quadrupled in two weeks.
    • Kim was a keynote speaker at 2015’s Camp Blogaway where she joined the head of PR for the Kaanapali Resort Association on Maui to explain to food bloggers the smartest ways to break into travel writing.
    • In 2010 The Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa celebrated their 10-year anniversary by launching a five-week trivia game about the destination of Tahiti, the resort and the airline – posting questions twice a week that were easily answered by a bit of web surfing. The grand prize winner was awarded four nights in a thatched-roofed overwater bungalow at the resort plus round trip airfare from LAX to Tahiti. Fans also could win weekly prizes ranging from a Universal Pictures Couple’s Retreat DVD (filmed in Tahiti) to special Tahitian gifts like vanilla beans, manoi oil, pareos (beach wraps) and even a Tahitian black pearl for the runner up. Demographically targeted Facebook ads – of $50.00 a day – were also purchased for Mondays-Fridays of the contest. The end result: the resort’s Facebook followers were TRIPLED!
  • From 2013 to 2015, TMP grew the Facebook page for the Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa from 5,000 followers to 25,000 by creating engaging posts to attract and keep the attention of current and new followers.

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