Irene Forte is the wellness director for Rocco Forte Hotels, creator of the Irene Forte Skincare, and a total rockstar. Irene took the stage at Global Wellness Summit 2016 and she made it very clear that those who did not pay attention to the millennial market in the travel and hospitality industry were doing so at their peril.

So we sat up and paid attention, and we realized that we needed that kind of voice on the Global Wellness Summit’s advisory board. She has been a wonderful addition to the board and her perspective has been invaluable.

In this episode, Irene shares her thoughts on the power of the millennial market, what millennials are looking for from a company or brand, and how Irene is incorporating wellness in both Rocco Forte hotels and her skincare line.

To learn more, visit Rocco Forte Hotels’ site at and Irene Forte Skincare’s site at


Hosted by Kim Marshall

Produced by Crate Media