Victor Koo is the co-founder of Tianren Culture, a next-generation social platform that focuses on supporting social enterprises, impact investing, and giving with the mission to foster positive global values.

One of Tianren Culture’s core values is “One Health, One Wellness,” and this is a message that really hits home in the current global climate, as people all around the world are forced to reckon with the intimate interconnection of our globalized world and, at the same time, learn how to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic.

What do our lifestyles have to do with Corvid-19, outside of basic hygiene? 

One Health, One Wellness is a call for global unity, a call for cultivating healthy and sustainable lifestyles that improve not only the physical and mental health of human beings but also the health of the global environment and ecosystem — and environmentally sustainable lifestyles will be critical in preventing or minimizing the spread of diseases in the future.


Hosted by Kim Marshall

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