It’s official — wellness isn’t a fad anymore!

Consumers today are looking for a holistic approach to wellness that also considers their emotional well-being, the role of technology in their lives, how they travel, and everything in between.

But the explosive growth of today’s wellness industry has also resulted in extra scrutiny for pseudoscientific claims, often with a tongue-in-cheek reference to the medicine shows peddling miracle elixirs in the 19th century, and media watch dogs have begun keeping a keen eye out for wellness charletons. 

Like any truth, though, real wellness can stand up to the scrutiny. But let’s face it — the first layer of spreading a product’s message is typically through PR and communications experts. So, in this episode, we talk to Tom Jones, a senior partner of health and wellness at Finn Partners, a globally integrated marketing agency with 18 offices around the world. Finn is also the sponsor of the Global Wellness Summit’s “The Future of Wellness 2020” trends report that we talked about in episode 23 — and that we’re going to talk more about today!

The trend that really stands out to Tom is mental wellness and technology, and our honest discussion about mental health is especially prescient during the worldwide COVID-19 shutdown. Never has it been more clear that mental health is just as important as physical health, and never have mindfulness apps and online talk therapy been more crucial.

With brands thinking today about surviving the new normal and with wellness becoming even more precious, join us as we discuss how to find the soul behind your brand and what an intergenerational approach to wellness might look like going forward.

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Hosted by Kim Marshall

Produced by Crate Media