Sallie Fraenkel is the founder of Mind Body Spirit Network (MBSN), Dr. Dan Diamond is the founder of NogginStorms, and Jon Berghoff is the Co-Founder and CEO of XCHANGE. Obviously, they’re all running organizations created to push positive change into the world, but there’s a clearer link: all three of them are members of the Living Well From Within initiative. 

Living Well From Within is the work of Dr. Daniel Friedland who founded the cause to convene leading influencers to align in order to elevate humanity through conscious leadership and the values of conscious capitalism.

In this episode, we take turns speaking to all of them, including Dr. Friedland, himself, who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in late 2020. His diagnosis was the catalyst that sparked a new level of growth and awakening in his work.

As well as the topics of conscious capitalism and, of course, living well from within, we all discuss the incredible legacy Dr. Friedland will leave behind and the value of striving to use our lives for the betterment of the world.

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This season’s sponsor is the wellness-forward skincare line, Murad, and features an interview with Candace Reels (@candacereels), founder of the Female Collective and guest editor of Murad’s new wellness publication, Well Connected.


Hosted by Kim Marshall

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