Elaine Glusac is a freelance travel writer of 26 years who is part of the New York Times travel team. She’s written for numerous publications including, but not limited to, The Chicago Tribune, Virtuoso Life, and National Geographic Traveller. Jennifer Kester is the Vice President and Executive Editor of Forbes Travel Guide and she’s been writing about travel with them since 2008. Her past credits include writing for Time Out Chicago, AOL, and HotelChatter. 

Elaine’s focus is on sustainable – and even regenerative – travel: how we can experience the beauty of other places and cultures without causing harm to the environment and their communities. Better still: how can we travel in a way that benefits the places we visit and the people who live there?

Jennifer’s expertise is in the field of something we all need a little bit of right now: luxury. We discuss the importance of being able to get away and relax when you need it, and she shares some of the best advice on how to do that, from some of the best resorts we should try to hacks we can use to experience opulence on a budget.

They’re two of the leading voices in travel, so our conversations are timely and illuminating. Among other things, we get their unique takes on how the pandemic has shifted the travel industry – both temporarily and permanently and what we can expect to see as things begin to return to normal. 

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