Kicking off the fifth season of the Global Wellness Summit podcast is an illuminating discussion of all things design with pioneering design icon, Clodagh. Turns out, open space, objects, sounds, people, materials, smells and energy — or the lack thereof – has a deeply profound impact on our wellbeing. 

Also joining us is guest co-host, Veronica Schreibeis Smith, who you’ll remember from episode thirty-four of the podcast, which detailed her own impressive work in, and perspective on, the growing field of wellness architecture.

Plugging in at Clodagh’s beautiful design studio in The Big Apple the day after the Global Wellness Institute’s first ever Wellness Real Estate Symposium, we dig into how the work of a designer can go hand in hand with functionality to the point that it channels spirituality, energy, and adapts to bring tranquility into our lives from space beyond the physical.

We talk about her work spanning from fashion to interior design and more – she just designed a yacht! We also get into the ways that COVID has impacted the world of design, namely the surge in multi-functionality and the prioritization of spaces that bring health, balance, and pleasure to their occupants. It’s a refined and scaled version of the same feeling we’ve all had staring at the same four walls since early 2020, wondering how they might be better arranged to get you through another day.

Now that a pandemic of Biblical proportions – as Clodagh says – has turned the spotlight on wellbeing, Forward-thinking designers like Clodagh and Veronica are here to meet the challenge for a better world. We’re grateful to share their expert voices on such an important subject.

But don’t think of the episode with this power trio as design-only.  The conversation also touches on mindfully raising children, how to let your clothes speak for you and whether or not the city’s true energy has started to return to NYC.  


To learn more, visit Clodagh Design.


Hosted by Kim Marshall

Produced by Crate Media