Abby is the founder and CEO of MYX, “remyxing” the higher education landscape to combine online and experimental learning to meet the needs of the future. Wellness is so often about the here and now that it’s easy to forget about how much our formative years play into our health and wellbeing. That’s why keeping a focus on the education system is so important – it’s going to have such a huge impact on the next generation. 

49% of students in higher education never graduate, but almost 100% of students leave with debt, not to mention parents. And those that do walk away with a degree often find it irrelevant to the path they choose to take in life. That’s why MYX are reshaping how we approach education. It should be less of a one-size-fits-all package deal and something far more tailored to each individual.

For example, we so rarely hear talk about gap years in the US, but in other parts of the world, it’s completely normal to take a year building up experience and really finding what you want to study before throwing yourself back into the education system. Education is shifting increasingly online, and yet so much of the value of school comes from socialization and community. Abby and her team at MYX want to ensure that the right balance is struck between the two.

Students at MYX create their own course mix from top universities around the world. They’re not limited to one institution or even just American ones. And the organization encourages pivoting – if something isn’t working or the course is the wrong fit – they’ll work to change it. There’s no point in continuing down the wrong path.

Abby raises some really important questions about aspects of education that are completely overlooked by much of the established system, and certainly within the wellness space.

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