What do you get when you mix emerging technology and timeless beauty? You get Vera Iconica Architecture and Veronica Schreibeis Smith.

When you visit the website, you can see countless examples of Vera Icconica’s gorgeous aesthetic, their science and technology, and their leadership in both the architecture and health and wellness industries — but what you can’t see is the woman who powers it all.

Veronica Schreibeis Smith has truly taken the architecture and wellness worlds by storm, adhering to standards and practices that others only aspire to; her designs are in harmony with nature and with the people who live, work, and visit her creations. She calls this “life regenerated through design.”

And it is due to all of these incredible accomplishments that Veronica was presented with the Leading Women in Wellness Award at Global Wellness Summit 2020, a hybrid “Safe Summit” event that was held in November 2020.

We sat down with Veronica during GWS 2020 to discuss receiving the award, the good vibrations that surround us, and how we can take control of our indoor environments.

To learn more, visit Vera Iconica Architecture at veraiconica.com.


Hosted by Kim Marshall

Produced by Crate Media