December 2020 marks the ninth month of a full-on global pandemic, but today’s episode is about light at the end of the tunnel — and we mean that very literally! In fact, we mean precisely 222 nanometers of Far-UVC Light. 

This isn’t the scary UVC light that used to be found in tanning beds; these are shorter light waves that don’t have the energy to penetrate the surface of human skin or the outermost layer of our eyes, but that still effectively neutralize pathogens in the air and on surfaces. To learn more about how we can use Far-UVC Light to make our environments safer and ourselves healthier, we sat down with Fred Maxik, Chief Scientific Officer of Healthē Inc, which is a global leader in developing high-tech lighting solutions that protect people in indoor spaces.

Fred will explain a layered approach to protection that can apply beyond a vaccine and onto combating the next possible pandemic. It’s a heady episode. You’ll hear terms like ganglion cells, non mutagenic, spot phenomenology, and even diurnal animals. But you’ll also hear the story of a young boy who was fascinated by holding a flashlight up to his hand — a little boy who grew up to be a biophysicist who spent 15 years working as a NASA scientist.

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Hosted by Kim Marshall

Produced by Crate Media