Our guest today is Zev Suissa, the Chief Innovation Officer of eMindful, which is like a fitness app but for mental athletes… and those who want to be. Imagine having a digital menu in your pocket to call up both virtual and live mindful practices when you need them — kind of like Peloton for the mind.

But, unlike apps like Headspace or Calm, eMindful is not strictly B2C. In addition to offering programs for individuals, the app is designed as a way for major corporations to arm their employees — sometimes 50,000 at a time — with workplace wellness tools and tools for creating intentional change.

But first, the onus was on eMindful to prove to corporations how a mindfulness practice could actually affect a company’s bottom line. So over the past 12 years, eMindful has worked with universities like Vanderbilt and Duke to do peer-reviewed studies, which have shown that practicing mindfulness can help with things like: weight loss, diabetes, chronic pain, addictive behaviors, cancer recovery, and smoking cessation. And study after study shows that mindfulness both reduces stress in employees and increases productivity – ultimately saving companies an average of $700 per year per employee in healthcare costs!

And the Global Wellness Summit’s most recent mental wellness economy research shows that this is very on-trend for 2021: the pandemic has caused a mental health tsunami, and as a result, meditation & mindfulness are emerging as one of four sectors in the new mental wellness economy. This is reflective of Trend #5 from the annual Global Wellness Trends Report: the renaissance of self care. 

eMindful is also offering GWS listeners a special discount, which will give you access to up to 5,000 classes and hundreds of hours of on-demand content! Use the code gwspodcast2021 to receive 30% off an upgrade to your eMindful subscription at emindful.com or look for eM Life in the app store.

To learn more, visit emindful.com


Hosted by Kim Marshall

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