The #1 trend from the Global Wellness Summit 2020 Trends Report was a shift in focus from sleep to true circadian health — a trend that’s driving the $432B sleep market.

Smart watches, Oura Rings, sleep tonics, CBD, sleep ice cream, nap pods, herbal supplements, subscription plans, blue-blocking glasses, red light bulbs, cuddle robots, jet lag apps, sleep divorces: the ways people are trying to optimize their circadian health these days just keeps expanding. So, this episode really runs the gamut. 

The first part of our episode is an interview with Dr. Rebecca Robbins, an instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School, an associate scientist at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and an author.

In the second part of our episode, we speak with Francisco Levine and Allison Howard about what we’re sleeping on. Francisco is part of the team at Bryte Labs creating a new kind of high-tech bed and Allison is the creator of Nollapelli sheets, a new wellness linen company with innovative products that promote healthier sleep, skin, and hair.


Hosted by Kim Marshall

Produced by Crate Media